Welcome to the Van Nest Hoff Vannatta Farmstead in Harmony Township, NJ

Listed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places in 2005.  2013 New Jersey State Historic Preservation Award Winner

A Beautiful Night for Santa in the Summer Kitchen 12/11/13

See the new EVENTS tab for a list of planned events.





Campanelli Prints of the Farmstead may be ordered.  Email us for more details here

Campanelli print

The Hoff-Vannatta Farmstead by Dan Campanelli

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  1. Rae Tamashausky/Oxford Earthen Ware says:

    Surprised and very pleased with the restoration progress at the Farmstead. Enjoyed visiting/participating in the day of celebration in the life of this wonderful place. The demonstrators and guides, NJ Frontier Guard and period refreshments carried us back to a spring day in the 18th c.!

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is impossible to put into words the amount of dedication, time, and energy the members of the Harmony Historical Society and Harmony Township Historical Commission put into this wonderful vision in our humble township. To watch this transformation has been an exciting time of my life in Harmony. Keep up the good work! You truly know the meaning of Life In Harmony!

  3. Janet Blaine says:

    I enjoyed my fall tour but did not see where Dan Campanelli had prints for sale. Could you please give me details by email. silvering@enter.net.
    Thank you–Janet Blaine

  4. Robin Johnson says:

    We, and our guests from South Carolina, enjoyed the Autumn 2014 event very much. We look forward to future events!

  5. Arland Vannatta says:

    Is there a yearly sellibration at the homestead on a specific date.

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